To help you plan your holiday we’ve assembled the most common questions people ask when making a booking … if you’ve got a question which isn’t here don’t hesitate to drop us a note.

Its about 40kms from Kaitaia and only about 32 kms from the SH10 turn-off at Awanui. (About 25 minutes … perhaps a bit faster the way the boss drives) If you pass a service station you have gone about 500 metres passed the turn-off.

The nearest supermarket is in Kaitata but there is a well stocked local store which generally has pretty competitive prices  only 5km (6 minutes) further north.

Unfortunately the local service station has closed so we are advising everyone to fill up at the BP in Awanui (intersection of SH10 & SH1) just north of Kaitaia. We are making arrangements to do a petrol run into Awanui to buy petrol on behalf of campers during the high season.



There is a road which takes you through the Aupouri forest  about 500 metres further north from the Houhora Heads road turnoff … it’s just 10kms from SH1 to the 90 mile beach. You can hire bikes from the camp if you want to take a nice leisurely ride through the forest.

The camp kitchen is only small and basic and not designed for the peak period however it has what most people need - a fridge/freezer, kettle, toaster, microwave and two 2-burner gas hobs. You need to supply you own  crockery, cutlery, and cooking implements. If you are staying in the cabin rooms or an on-site caravan they are all provisioned with pretty much everything you need (except perhaps cooking lessons on how to cook the local shellfish but the managers can help you with some hints there!)

Camping sites

The  cost of a standard non-powered site is from $16 per person per night (children 4 and under are free and 5 to 14 are $7.50)
The standard cost of a  standard powered site is from $18 per person per night (children 14 and under are free and 5 to 14 are $8.50)

The cost of a premium  non-power site is $17 per person per night (children between 5 and 14 are usually half price) 

The cost of a premium  power site is $19 per person per night (children between 5 and 14 are usually half price) 

We have a couple of less desirable non-powered sites available for $13 per person per night (children between 5 and 14 are usually half price)
Children under the age of 4 are free but count towards the maximum number of people per site. 

During the peak season there is $5 per site per night fee to cover the cost of additional labour and the effect of the Holidays Act.

On-site caravans

Generally the onsite caravans belong to regular campers who are happy for their caravans to be used by visitors for a small charge. The charge varies depending on the caravan but in most cases it is $26 per night. The caravan rental is added to the standard cost of a powered (see above). We have RCD approved power leads for campers who are staying in tents but wish to have a powered site. The cost of a lead is $2.00 per night (there is a $50 refundable bond).

Cabin rooms

The cabin rooms come in a variety of configurations - We have rooms with two bunks in (ie 4 single beds); what is known as a triple which has a double bed with a single over it; and a room with one bunk (ie 2 single beds). The rates are on a per person basis and currently start at $24 per adult per night (for a room share) or $26 if you have a room with an attached toilet.
You can hire a duvet ($2) but otherwise it pays to bring a sleeping bag. The beds all have mattresses, mattress protectors, and sheets, pillows and pillow cases (however most people bring their own pillows anyway).

Low season rates are available.  Please contact the camp office for prices.

The site fee was introduced to cover the additional costs faced by the introduction of the new Holidays Act.

The minimum legal size for a camping site is 53m². Most of our sites are a minimum of 56m² and are generally 8m x 7m. However because we have a large area we are able to be quite flexible during most of the year. Unfortunately during the peak season and public holidays we need to be a bit stricter on ensuring that camps keep within their site boundaries. Because of the lay of the land some sites are able to spill over onto adjacent undulating land.

Many, but not all of the sites do have shade. If you particularly require a site with shade please contact the camp managers.

At Wagener Holiday Park we are proud of our heritage. The area has been used for camping since the late 1800’s and we are always conscious of not spoiling the character of the camp by too much landscaping. Consequently although the main camping areas are flat and have access to power much of the non-site specified area is undulating and have no power stands. Getting a flat site is rarely a problem except in the absolute peak period but if you are wanting to book a flat powered site for the peak period it pays to book and confirm your site early.

We have a small on-site shop that sell the basics but if you want anything more you will need to go a bit further north to the local service station (500 metres north on SH1) or to the general store (about 2kms further north) which carries stocks of most day to day requirements. There are a couple of takeaways and dining places in the area and during the peak season the fishing club often opens for meals for both members and non-members.

There are only a limited number of power sites right on the waterfront and they are often booked well in advance. However there are a number of powered sites within a 100 metres of the water’s edge (again these fill up very quickly).

There are a few options for the children for swimming. The river that runs next to the camp is very safe for little ones. The beach area directly in front of the camp is very popular and pretty safe except in the last hour of the tide when the channel deepens steeply. The adjacent 15 km beach is also very popular as a swimming spot and has both calm sheltered areas and good boggie board waves (and surf on the right days). There are a number of other beaches within easy driving distance. We have boggie boards for hire at the camp office.

Cellphone coverage is not great so you have to pick your spots … during the busy season it quickly becomes obvious where the best reception is! Generally there isn’t a problem with texts. Neither network are great (but it does seem that Vodafone may have a slight edge) and the quality of reception you get seems to depend more on the brand and model of your phone rather that the network.

Network coverage is not great so you have to pick your spots … during the busy season it quickly becomes obvious where the best reception is! Neither network are great but comments from other campers suggests that Vodafone may have a slight edge. Most of the areas in the camp can receive wi-fi. The wi-fi service is supplied by IAC and there is a charge for access. For those who need to clear messages but don’t have a smart phone, PDA, tablet or laptop we do have a notebook for rent.  There is also a privately owned internet café adjacent to the camp

Yes we have a special area set aside for campers who want to bring dogs (aptly nicknamed Baskerville). As this is a rural area its important for you recognize that the Northland Regional Council require that all dogs are up to date with their immunisations etc. The Baskerville area has some excellent shade cover. Obviously dogs with well behaved owners are just as popular as owners of well behaved dogs with the other campers!  Dogs must be kept on a leash and there are areas within the camp and grounds where for obvious reasons we request they do not go.